Fall Hike Day 2016 lineup

This is the lineup for Saturday’s Fall Hike Day:

McCLUNG MOUNTAIN–After reaching the summit, the possibilities are several: return directly to Camp, walk toward (and perhaps all the way to) Whetstone Ridge and descend to the upper Big Mary’s Creek valley, or descend to Taylor Hollow and return to Nature Camp via 608.

MINE MOUNTAIN–This hike will pass by (and undoubtedly stop at) the series of Lookout Rocks before continuing to the ridgeline of Mine Mountain. Thence it’s ridge hopping before returning via the “New” Road.

DECEMBER RIDGE–A somewhat less traveled and less steep but nevertheless scenic alternate route up McClung Mountain.

WILKIE RIDGE–This ridge above Big Mary’s Creek in the greater vicinity of Mine Mountain once inspired a song from Nature Camp alumnus Gerry Wass. It slowly rises to Aggies Peak (aka BLT) near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

ST. MARY’S RIVER–This hike will start and end at the lower entrance to the St. Mary’s Wilderness Area and will follow gentle terrain along the river. Some fording of the river may be in order; swimming is optional. Wilderness regulations require that we limit this hike to a total of 10 participants.

And of course, after the hikes return, we’ll enjoy a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings!

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