What Parents Say About Nature Camp

I do not know of anyone that has attended Nature Camp, that has not been profoundly impacted by the experience. Among summer camps, Nature Camp is completely unique in its experience and ability to make lifelong changes to those so touched. Unlike those camps that entertain our kids with common sports, archery, etc., Nature Camp challenges us to get in touch with the beauty of our environment, provides a unique learning experience, and truly, most importantly, touches deeply and indelibly into our souls.

Mason Hearn, Richmond, VA

Our daughters have had wonderful summer experiences at Nature Camp, and we are most appreciative of the sense of freedom and also of challenge and responsibility they encounter there. Our older daughter came back from her first session at Nature Camp practically all grown up, emotionally and in her personality. She was a different child, crossing that threshold from kidhood to teenhood in two weeks.

Bob Cox, Suffolk, VA

My daughter has been fortunate to attend Nature Camp for three years and it has been one of the highlights of her summer. It is an incredible learning experience with like minded peers. Wonderful, new friendships are made as she learns more about the environment and how to preserve this beautiful world we live in. Children need to be connected to their natural environment and understand it. Nature Camp provides this and so much more.

Leigh Anne Whitacre, Clear Brook, VA

There is so much in today’s culture that pushes against a strong commitment to the natural sciences and to field biology. Nature Camp is a place where an interest in these critically important fields can be sparked and nourished.

Barry Trott, Toano, VA

My then 11-year-old daughter had never been to camp before and I was not sure how she would react to being away from home for two weeks. When I visited her the middle weekend, I could see a real glow in her eyes. She spends a lot of time outdoors so I knew she would enjoy that, but it was great to see how much everyone cared for each other and how much she enjoyed learning about the outdoors. As a parent, I was also glad to see that the staff placed a real emphasis on safety.

Alex Simon, Richmond, VA

An important part of our garden club’s mission statement is to stimulate interest in conserving our natural resources and beautifying our environment. Nature Camp does this better than any place I know with the people who matter most, our children.

Suzy Oliver, Winchester, VA

Nature Camp has already changed the lives of two of my children in a wondrous way. Because of their experiences there in that beautiful, magical place under the guidance of such nurturing, intelligent and creative young people, they look at the earth through different eyes. Recently a small snake appeared on our porch. Instead of running away in fear, both of my children examined it, identified it, picked it up gently and marveled at it for a moment, and then sent it on its way. This small but significant moment moved me deeply. This appreciation for nature has already become so much a part of who they are. What greater gift could one wish for them?

Blair Jones, Greenwood, VA

Awesome, awesome, awesome! And feel free to quote us on that. We were so pleased with the counselors, the program, and the setting. Having been in education for over 30 years, our expectations may be higher than most—and we were not disappointed.

Tamra and Doug Adams, Richmond, VA