What Alumni Say About Nature Camp

Nature Camp is one of those things that is right for our time. In the face of outside forces it is more important now than ever.

Lyt Wood (Nature Camp 1964-71), arborist and teacher, Washington, VA

The three things we learn at Nature Camp are the beauty of simplicity, the joy of life, and caring
for all beings.

Terry Richardson (Nature Camp 1960-71), Senior Instructor in Physics and Astronomy, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

In the intervening years since my last summer as a camper, I have grown up enough to realize that the clichés are true. Nature Camp is always a part of you, and you never really leave it. I didn’t grow up to be a biologist, though for a second I really tried. I grew up to be a professional songwriter and musician, and I am proud to say that Nature Camp grows artists as well as scientists.

Erin McKeown (Nature Camp 1989-95), musician, Conway, MA

I try to use the principles and philosophy instilled in me at Nature Camp every day. My experiences there have enhanced and enriched my life immeasurably. It’s a legacy that keeps on giving. Everyone should have that opportunity.

Amy Kasdorf Gonzalez (Nature Camp 1966-70), systems analyst, Richmond, VA

Nature Camp’s legacy to me includes a strong appreciation for the importance of fair play, the value of diversity in nature and among people, the strength of community, gratitude for the gifts of this world and personal responsibility for preserving them for future generations.

Amy Wingfield Clark (Nature Camp 1965-70), human resources director, Mechanicsville, VA

There is no institution that I have ever been associated with in my whole life that has influenced that life more than Nature Camp.

Charles Thornton (Nature Camp 1942-53), retired Professor of Geology at Pennsylvania State University, Gretna, VA [deceased]