Release and Waiver of Liability Forms

Twice a year, Nature Camp hosts Service Weekends in conjunction with the Nature Camp Foundation. Service Weekends always take place on the third weekends in May and September (those weekends which include the third Saturday of the month). During these weekends, alumni, counselors, campers, parents, and friends engage in a variety of repair, replacement, construction, cleaning, and other projects to maintain and improve the camp facilities. The Nature Camp Foundation provides food for the entire weekend, and attendees are welcome to stay in the bunkhouses. Over 25 years hundreds of participants have completed well over a thousand projects, have devoted more ten thousand hours of volunteer labor, and have saved Nature Camp many thousands of dollars. For more information about Service Weekends, please click here.

Campers, parents, and friends are invited to attend Service Weekends. Each time you attend a Service Weekend, we are now asking you to sign a release and waiver form. These waivers are considered a best practice and many service organizations use them. We believe it prudent for us to have these waivers in hand. We know you all love Camp and wouldn’t want anything to happen to it, so we are taking steps to ensure Camp is protected. The language is similar to that used in many waiver forms of Habitat for Humanity organizations. In addition, we will ask parents of minor children who send their kids to service events at Camp with non-custodial adults to sign the Minor release form and send it with their child(ren).

To view the release and waiver forms, as well as the policy governing unaccompanied minors at Service Weekends and other events outside the summer operating season, please click on the links below.  Please note that you do NOT have to fill out a release and waiver form in advance; copies will be available at Nature Camp during Service Weekends and other events.  These forms are NOT required for campers attending sessions of Nature Camp, but ONLY for participants at Service Weekends.

Nature Camp Release and Waiver of Liability

Nature Camp Release and Waiver of Liability for Minors

Nature Camp Policy on Unaccompanied Minors at Nature Camp During Off-Season Events