Nature Camp 2020–Ecology

Online Meetings: Tuesdays 11:00 AM – Noon (EDT)
6 weeks (July 7 – August 11)

Hey, Nature Camp Family! Welcome to Ecology with Ally Motter (left) and Mollie Weitzman. You may have taken other classes at camp about plants, rocks, snakes, or bugs, but in this class, you get it all! This summer we will explore the connections we share with the environment and other organisms and the impact we have on our planet. We cannot wait to dive in with you on topics like biodiversity, symbiosis, energy dynamics, evolution, and competition. The transition to online learning will not stop us from exploring the outside world, so make sure you are ready to get your hands dirty! Although we can’t all jump in the mountain streams of Vesuvius this summer, we’re so excited to learn about where YOU live and bring a bit of camp to your home.



Videos released Mondays

Use the rest of the week to go outside and explore the ideas from class and complete our suggested activities!


The Ecology instructors can be reached at