Nature Camp 2020–Entomology

Online Meetings: Thursdays 3:00 – 4:00 PM (EDT)
6 weeks (July 8 – August 12)

This summer in Entomology Sarah Riddell (left) and Megan Young will be exploring pollination and the importance of bees for the global ecosystem. We will be talking about the intricacies of honeybee colonies, the interactions between plants and bees through the pollination process, and the global effects of climate change on bees and pollination services. Each week we will be posting a video introducing the topic for the week and then during our live Zoom meeting we will be going into greater detail. Our class will be meeting for six weeks, but each week has its own topic. This summer we hope that you will learn a little bit more about why people are pleading to save the bees.

The Entomology instructors can be reached at