Nature Camp 2020–Environmental Justice

Online Meetings: Fridays 3:00 – 4:00 PM [every other week]
5 weeks (July 17 – August 14)

The environmental justice discussion group will meet every other week on Fridays at 3 pm on Zoom, beginning Friday, July 17th. We will be focused on learning about environmental injustices in different forms at home and globally, as well as building vocabulary and skills to discuss topics related to space and place. The first two weeks will focus on Nature Camp and the broader Virginia area. The second session will discuss national issues, such as indigenous rights and access to water. Our last session will address global issues, like fast fashion and climate change. This discussion group has varying levels of involvement, but in order to be engaged in discussions, you should utilize materials that you can connect with and understand. Readings, articles, artwork and additional materials related to each session’s topic will be provided by us. During our Zoom sessions, we will split up into breakout groups to help facilitate discussions and to accommodate age differences. We are excited to get to talk with you all about these important issues over the next six weeks!

The Environmental Justice discussion leaders instructors can be reached at