Nature Camp 2020–Geocaching

How Geocaching Works

Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which participants use a GPS to find hidden boxes called “geocaches.” These boxes contain a notebook, writing utensil, and other fun finds from your counselors :).

There is a notebook in each box meant to document the stories of all the campers that find it. Please include your name, the date you found it, and a message (or drawing) for any campers or counselors that find the box in the future!

You will be given geographic coordinates telling where the Geocache is, you can plug these into google maps, apple maps, or any other map service on your phone/ computer to find the site of the box!

Once you are in the location of the coordinates, there are clues posted with the coordinates that will tell you exactly how to find the box. 

When you find the box please take your time looking through the items inside. Be sure to sign and date the notebook with either your real name or a codename if you wish. Once you have finished looking through the box please make sure to place all the items back into the box, so that other campers may find them. 

Feel free to leave an item in the box for others to find in the future. 

Please place the geocache box EXACTLY where you found it, so other campers can find it too!

Where are the Boxes Located?

Click HERE for locations (with geocoordinates) and clues to find the geocache boxes.

What to Bring

  • A writing utensil, so you can sign your name and write a note to the counselors or any other campers that may find the box!
  • A small item to place in the box for other campers to find. This item should be small, and something not valuable. This is completely optional.
  • Some hand sanitizer–and be sure to apply it before and after touching the box. Safety first!

What the Boxes Look Like: 

Dimensions of the box:
8. 4 x 4. 4 x 6. 8 inches








How to be Safe While Finding the Boxes

Do not go looking for geocaches if:

  • it is dark outside 
  • it is raining
  • there is thunder/ lightning
  • there are any other hazards in the area

Be sure to go with a parent or other responsible adult on your search.

Bring a mask to properly wear over both your nose and mouth while searching.

Bring hand sanitizer and apply before and after touching the box.

Inherent Risks/ Safety Disclaimer

While we have worked hard to place these geocaches in unequivocally safe and public areas, please be aware that Nature Camp takes no responsibility for any injury or accident that occurs while searching for geocaches. These caches are intended to be fun and entertaining treasure hunts, but searching for and locating them is an action that is taken strictly at your own risk. Please follow all of the guidelines mentioned above and be respectful and conscious of the land when searching!