Nature Camp 2020–Geocache Locations

Locations and Clues

Charlottesville (2 locations)

  • 38.020719, -78.527588
  • TRICKY. Rivanna Trail, best accessed via Stribling avenue. Walk past a large power transition pole. Off trail on the right, under a large bush, near a ledge before the creek.


  • 38.1632, -78.4369
  • In the Albemarle county park with “lake” in its name, make your way to where land is surrounded by water on three sides. Here the geocache lies near where snakes would bask in the sun under a sycamore tree. 

Fredericksburg (2 locations)

  • 38.289944, -77.483028
  • Find bench near water (bench is a bit broken), Face away from water, Go to big tree straight ahead, Once at big tree there is a stump nearby with a big rock right next to it. Look there!


  • 38.308639, -77.473444
  • Find gravel lot, travel across gravel lot to red brick pumphouse, at pumphouse take a left before canal path and head into wooded area, look for a piece of granite next to a tree.

Mathews County

  • 37.45254, -76.32895
  • Behind the baseball field there is a small footbridge. Look beneath! 

Richmond Area (2 locations)

  • 37.5536, -77.4623
  • In the smallest angle. Between a sycamore and a birch. Tri-colored potted flowers. Look past and behind the streets to find it between two red doors. 


  • 37.4461365, -77.5839711
  • Rockwood Park. Past the archery range, find the sign describing turkeys and native american tradition. Off trail behind this sign to the left, look behind the trunks where the oak and holly trees meet.


  • 38.1453, -79.0945
  • Approxametly 30 ft on the trail right behind hole 14, on the other side of a large fallen log on the left side of the trail


  • 37.25277, -76.710406 
  • Up the set of stairs, veer to the left up the grassy hill. It is hidden among the patch of white pine, behind a small log