Nature Camp 2020–Geology

Online Meetings: Fridays 11:00 AM – Noon (EDT)
6 weeks (July 10 – August 14)


This summer, Geology, taught by Michael Haddad (left) and Carter Boyd, will be looking at your computers from the inside out, reverse engineering your hometown, and prosecuting the most prolific serial killers in Earth history. Rocks are the oldest time capsules on the planet, come open them up with us and learn about how they are integral to our lives at Camp, at home, and beyond.

Week 1: Rocks and Humans

Investigate how people interact with geology in their everyday lives.

Week 1 Pre-Zoom Activity:





Week 2: Bedrock

Learn how bedrock has affected human development throughout human history.






Week 3: Watersheds

Limnology will join us this week as we investigate the intersection between water, rocks, and humans.

Week 4: Resource and Land Use

Challenge how you think about how human resource use looks on a geologic timescale.

Week 5: Climate Cycles

Our climate is changing, but why is this time different?

Week 6: Mass Extinctions

R.I.P. Dinos. 

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