Nature Camp 2020–Limnology

Online Meetings: Thursdays 11:00 AM – Noon (EDT)
6 weeks (July 9 – August 13)


Welcome to limnology 2020! In a typical camp session, we focus on one aspect of the freshwater ecosystem, but this summer we have the opportunity to spend 6 weeks giving you a broad overview of the subject. Each week, we will focus on a different aspect of limnology, beginning with an introduction to freshwater, and then moving on to benthic macroinvertebrates and water quality, watersheds and flooding, fish, water pollution, and climate change and it’s impacts on water. Through a combination of Zoom calls with interactive activities and educational videos, made by Zoë Affron (left) and Claire Mills, and  about Nature Camp’s waterways, we will be analyzing all of the different ways that we use water both at Nature Camp and at home!

The Limnology instructors can be reached at