Adult Session 2018 Information

“The Invisible in Nature

7 – 11 June 2018

This year’s session will provide an opportunity to explore aspects of the natural world which cannot easily be observed or which are easily overlooked. We will consider such phenomena and objects as dark matter and dark energy (predicted and inferred, but not directly perceivable), songbirds in nesting season (whose singing reveals their presence but who often remain hidden from view), geologic forces that have shaped and continue to shape landscapes, and the cryptic and intricate features that may be used to distinguish plant, lichen, and other species.

The preliminary schedule of classes includes

  • The Invisible Universe: A Trip to the Dark Side of Space and Time
  • Personal Nature Writing
  • Orienteering with Map and Compass
  • Making Bows and Arrows for Children That Really Work
  • Homebrewing
  • Long-Distance Hiking Trails Around the World
  • Tree Identification
  • Solar Prints
  • Lichens
  • Solar Toys
  • Botany
  • Geology
  • Mushroom Walk and Identification
  • Insects and Native Bee Diversity

Other planned activities include:

  • Workshop on Appalachian string-band music
  • Morning birdwalks
  • Evening stargazing
  • Evening walks for salamanders
  • Sharing of favorite nature books
  • Folk-singing
  • Short hikes around Nature Camp and the vicinity

Plus a day-long field trip on Sunday, June 10, will explore some interesting habitats in the area.  Details will be forthcoming.