Adult Session 2019 Information

“Storms in Nature and the Power of Water

16 – 20 August 2019

This year’s session coincides with the 50th anniversary of unprecedented flooding and landslides in the area around Nature Camp associated with the remnants of Hurricane Camille.  We will examine the legacy and impact of that storm, some of the effects of which are still visible today, and consider just what factors caused more than two feet of rain to fall in a single night on portions of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  But we will also explore how water affects the pollination and dispersal of plants, the ubiquity of water in the Milky Way, the adaptations of stream-dwelling organisms to fast-moving water, the challenges of managing stormwater, and the promise of renewable energy in providing power during catastrophic storms such as Camille.

The preliminary schedule of classes includes

  • Nature Journaling: Describing to Learn
  • Water, Water Everywhere in Our Galaxy
  • Watery Landscapes: Alcohol Inks on Tiles
  • Life in Water and Air: Dragonflies and Damselflies
  • How Water Aids Dispersal of Seeds and Impacts Pollination
  • Stormwater Management and You
  • Life in the Fast Lane: Adaptations of Stream Life to High-Flow Conditions
  • Do Wetlands Really Reduce Flooding?
  • Renewable Energy During Natural Disasters
  • Water Working on Landscapes: From the Sublime to the Tragic
  • Tree Identification
  • Reptor Identification
  • Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures
  • Tyvek Maps and Crafts
  • Climate Change
  • The Nine Exercises of Taiji Qigong

Other planned activities include:

  • Workshop on Appalachian string-band music
  • Morning birdwalks
  • Evening stargazing
  • Evening walks for salamanders and owls
  • Sharing of favorite nature books
  • Folk-singing
  • Short hikes around Nature Camp and the vicinity

Plus a day-long field trip on Monday, August 19, will explore some areas most heavily affected by the flooding and landslides of Camille.