Special Events

On the middle Sunday of each session, we take a break from classes and spend the day hiking the mountains and valleys of the area, in a tradition that dates almost to the beginning of Nature Camp. These hikes vary in difficulty and length, and campers have the opportunity to sign up for a hike that suits their interests and abilities. Counselors carry water, sandwiches, and trail mix for lunch. Before breakfast on Sunday, there is a brief, inspirational chapel service, as well as a longer one in the evening after everyone has returned to camp.

The Fourth of July is another special day of celebration when no classes are held. Although the specific schedule of events changes each summer, there are usually trash hikes in the morning, during which campers are divided into groups and pick up litter from along nearby roads. The afternoon includes a full slate of fun activities, including a scavenger hunt, mile run, water balloon tossing contest, and Nature Camp marathon. The day ends with a festive parade in the evening.

On the last Friday night of the session, we have our Closing Ceremony, an evening rich with tradition during which we recognize those campers who have particularly distinguished themselves throughout the course of the session and prepare to say goodbye to one another. The program begins in the chapel and ends with a moving candlelight ceremony that processes to the swimming pool. This is one occasion when we ask campers to look their best and dress accordingly.